About PiAf Fellows

The 2017-18 Fellows by the Numbers:

  • 48 Fellows
  • From 31 colleges and universities: American University (1), Bates College (1), Case Western Reserve University (1), Claremont McKenna College (2), Colorado College (2), Columbia University (2), Davidson College (1), Furman University (1), Georgetown University (4), Kansas State University (1), Middlebury College (2), New York University (1), Northwestern University (1), Princeton University (3), Philander Smith College (1), St. Edward’s University (1), Stanford University (1), Swarthmore College(1), Temple University (1), The George Washington University (3), University of California – Berkeley (2), University of California – Los Angeles (1), University of Florida (1), University of Michigan (4), University of Pennsylvania (1), University of Southern California (2), University of Virginia (1), Washington University in St. Louis (1), Wellesley College (1), Wesleyan University (1), Yale University (2)
  • Graduation years: 2013, 2014 (7), 2015 (5), 2016 (6), 2017 (29)
  • 26 different majors
  • Hail from 4 different countries and 19 states
  • Speak 20 languages
  • Going to 13 countries with 31 host organizations

Princeton in Africa Fellows

  • Serve in yearlong fellowships in a variety of fields, including: advocacy, research, and civil society; agricultural development; business & economic development; community-level development; conflict resolution & peacebuilding; education & youth capacity building; environment & conservation; income generation; international humanitarian aid & development; and public & community health. In addition, many organizations have been recognized as social entrepreneurs.
  • Act as everyday ambassadors in a time when building bridges between cultures is critical
  • Inform, inspire, and engage a wide network of friends, family, and interested individuals about Africa today

Click here to see a list of our current Fellows.

Fellows Making an Impact

Recent accomplishments of Princeton in Africa Fellows include:

  • Helped with the emergency response effort in Malawi after the worst floods in that country’s history occurred
  • Monitored and expanded rainwater harvesting systems that serve orphans and the elderly in rural Kenya
  • Helped conduct a baseline evaluation for a project aimed at providing vulnerable women in Malawi with livestock as a resilience tool and a means of income diversification
  • Taught English, math, science, and history/geography to secondary school students in Botswana
  • Helped launch a maternal and child health program in four communities in rural Togo