Alumni Mini-Grants Program

The PiAf Sponsored Alumni Mini-Grants Program provides up to $250 to alumni of the Princeton in Africa Program (PiAf). Alumni can apply for mini-grants for relief or support for professional, academic, personal, etc. needs. Needs can include learning and development opportunities (entrepreneurial expenses, professional courses, graduate school applications or exams), alumni projects (software or hardware for technical or creative needs, spiritual or empowerment retreats), and activities that improve Alumni’s capacity and development interests (training or certifications, attending conferences, workshops). PiAf reserves the right to verify all of the information included in the application. 

Maximum Grant Award: $250

Application Timeline & Instructions 

Eligibility Criteria 

PiAf alumni who have successfully fulfilled all program requirements and are in good standing with PiAf.

Selection Process 

Each eligible application will be read by the Fundraising Committee Chair (or other Fundraising Committee Members in their place), Executive Director, Program Manager, and an independent member of the Alumni Board. The selection team will review for clarity of need, the purpose of the beneficiary’s needs, and sustainable impact on the Alumni or beneficiaries.

Disbursement of Funds and Tax Responsibility

PiAf will work with Alumni on an individual basis on the preferred way to receive the funds (bank transfer, Zelle, PayPal, or wire transfer). PiAf does not provide tax advice and all recipients are responsible for bank fees and all taxes associated with receiving the grant.