About PiAf Alumni

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The word most used by our alumni to describe their fellowship is transformative, and they catalyze their 12-month fellowships into remarkable work at home and abroad.

PiAf alumni continue lives of service both in Africa and the U.S. long after their fellowships.

They serve as advocates, board members, and founders of grassroots organizations in sectors from education to public health to technology.

PiAf alumni become leaders in the foreign policy community, working in think tanks, governmental organizations and as consultants.

Here at Princeton in Africa, we like to celebrate our alumni and keep them connected. 

To search through our different alumni, go to the Alumni Directory. 

Alumni can also communicate through the PiAf Alumni LinkedIn group (please note that this is a private group for Princeton in Africa alumni only). The Linkedin group is an online community where alumni can connect with each other, share resources, and otherwise engage with the PiAf network.  If you are a PiAf alum(na) and need access to this group, make a request to join and the request will be reviewed within one week.