This summer, Princeton in Africa welcomed our 2015-16 fellowship class. This group of 51 inspiring, talented and dedicated new Fellows has begun to head out across the African continent to support our host organizations. They will be working in 15 countries with 31 organizations (including four new host organizations – see the full list of our incredible host organizations here!). We received nearly 450 applications this year, and as you can imagine, the 2015-16 fellowship class is as impressive as ever.

Our pre-departure orientation was held here in Princeton from June 4-8, 2015. As was the case last year, our orientation featured a panel of alumni who shared their experiences, stories and invaluable advice with the outgoing Fellows, as well as a career panel of professional guests who offered our Fellows insight and guidance on how to make the most of their fellowship year.  In addition, there was plenty of time for our Fellows to bond over shared interests and experiences and have fun along the way! We are excited to see our Fellows continue to grow as individuals and as a community over the course of their fellowship year.

Our new Fellows are bright, adventurous, and passionate about Africa, and we can’t wait to experience the year ahead with them. Welcome 2015-16 PiAf Fellows!

2015-16 Fellows' Orientation Group Photo


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