Annual Report

We are pleased to release our 3rd Annual Report for our 2015-16 fellowship year! To check it out, click the picture below or click here.

PiAf 2015 Annual Report


In our annual report, you will find statistics on the impact of last year’s Fellows and the satisfaction of our fellowship organizations. We have also included information about our fiscal year 2015-16 expenses and revenue, broken down by source to show the breadth of our operations.

In the summer of 1999, with the help of our founders, two remarkable young women spent a summer in Rwanda working with the International Rescue Committee. Since then, we have sent nearly 450 Fellows to work in 36 African countries, supporting a diverse array of projects in education & youth capacity building, public & community health, international humanitarian aid & development, environment & conservation, and other sectors. In 2015-16, we had 49 Fellows from 30 different colleges and universities working with 31 organizations in 15 African countries.

While our program has expanded greatly over the last 16 years, one thing has remained the same – our alumni develop a commitment to Africa that extends well beyond their fellowship year. Service for a Year. Commitment for a Lifetime. Our annual report provides a glimpse of just how life-changing a Princeton in Africa fellowship can be for our alumni, many of whom are still active on the continent.

We hope you enjoy reading our annual report!

Past Annual Reports

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