What expectations does PiAf have of Fellows once they have been placed and begun their fellowships?

Fellows should be in regular contact with PiAf before, during, and after the fellowship. PiAf provides support to Fellows as they transition into (and, at the end of the year, out of) their respective placements; PiAf also assists Fellows in case of an emergency. It is therefore important that Fellows keep in touch with PiAf about their goings-on and their whereabouts. Fellows are required to let PiAf staff know when they travel, if they become sick or injured, or if they have a security incident.

Fellows must adhere to all PiAf policies, including the Travel Restrictions Policy that lists locations Fellows must not travel to during their fellowship year (see application for the 2017-18 Travel Restrictions Policy but note that this and all policies may be updated at any time).

Fellows are also required to submit formal reports about their fellowships throughout the year (at the 3-month mark, the 6-month mark, and at the conclusion of the fellowship) as well as participate in PiAf communications through submitting materials for the bimonthly Fellows Flyer newsletter, Fellow Instagram Takeovers or Digital Storytelling Project. PiAf Fellows whose posts are sponsored are required to submit updates about their post to the sponsor.

Fellows may also be asked to assist PiAf in other ways, such as offering guidance to prospective Fellows or providing additional feedback or information about their location, fellowship, or organization.

Overall, Fellows should remember that PiAf is not simply a placement service. PiAf provides ongoing support to Fellows both during and after the fellowship period and strives to ensure that Fellows will likewise remain engaged with the program throughout their fellowship year and beyond.

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