What does a fellowship package include?

The Princeton in Africa experience is an investment on the part of each Fellow, each host organization, and PiAf. Financial arrangements vary with each fellowship, but generally break down as follows:

Fellows should expect to cover:

  • Transportation to/from Princeton for interviews.
  • Transportation to/from Princeton for PiAf’s entire MANDATORY pre-departure orientation.
  • $150 program placement fee, paid upon acceptance of a PiAf fellowship post. This contribution is only a fraction of the total yearly program costs to PiAf for each fellowship post.
  • Round-trip air travel to/from their fellowhip post in Africa
  • Pre-departure medical expenses (e.g. immunizations, malaria prevention medications, personal medications). This also includes any doctor or clinic costs associated with completing the mandatory PiAf medical clearance form. A Fellow may be able to cover some of the medical costs associated with health check ups, immunizations and malaria prevention directly from the stipend received from the PiAf fellowship organization. However, as everyone’s health needs are different, Fellows should be prepared to pay for pre-departure medical expenses out-of-pocket. Current students should visit their university health centers for advice on necessary immunizations and preparations, and to complete the medical clearance form.
  • In most cases, visas and work permits.
  • Sundries and recreational travel.

Note: PiAf is committed to ensuring that all applicants are able to participate in the fellowship program without regard to need. Once placed with a host organization, Fellows with demonstrated financial need should speak directly with PiAf. We will work with applicants to ensure that financial considerations do not prevent any applicant selected for a fellowship from participating.

PiAf/fellowship organizations aim to cover:

  • On-the-ground expenses including housing and living stipend.
  • Medical insurance, medical evacuation insurance and security evacuation insurance
  • Pre-departure orientation for all Fellows. (Orientation is mandatory and transportation costs to orientation are the Fellow’s responsibility.)
  • Mid-year retreat in Africa (including partial travel grant for travel to/from the retreat.

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