I am not a Princeton student. Do I have to be at Princeton for the interviews in January and pre-departure orientation in June? Can PiAf cover these costs?

An in-person interview is preferable, but if you are unable to be in Princeton during our pre-scheduled interview weekends, we will consider interviewing you via Skype video instead during pre-scheduled time slots in January. In the application, you will be asked about whether or not you can attend in-person interviews in Princeton. Please answer this question honestly; not being able to attend in person will not hinder your application.  The pre-departure orientation program is mandatory for all Fellows to attend. Orientation is June 6-10th, 2018 and Fellows are required to attend every day.

Unfortunately, PiAf is unable to cover the costs of bringing candidates to Princeton for interviews and orientation; applicants must be prepared to cover these costs themselves.

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