How much are Fellows in contact with each other while in the field?

Community building among Fellows in the same fellowship class as well as among alumni is very important to Princeton in Africa, and is considered an important component of our fellowship program. PiAf encourages Fellows to be in touch with each other before, during, and after the fellowship year. (Although they may be working in different countries and with different organizations on different issues, PiAf Fellows often have many things in common and can therefore greatly support each other!)

The amount of contact Fellows actually have with each other each year, however, depends on the available posts. For example, some Fellows are based in the same city as other Fellows and thus it is likely that their social circles may cross or they may even choose to share an apartment. Other Fellows may be in different cities in the same country; these Fellows may see each other less frequently but visit each other when taking a weekend getaway from their own location. Those Fellows who are based further afield from other Fellows may rely on email, Skype or internet chatting to keep in touch.

PiAf also promotes contact between Fellows. Each year a listserv is created so that Fellows have only to write to one address to reach the entire group.

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