How does the placement process work?

PiAf’s placement process is in-depth. We work hard to find the best match for both Fellows and host organizations, and we work closely with candidates and representatives from our fellowship organizations throughout the process.

What does that mean for candidates? Following interviews in January, you may be asked to speak further with PiAf about your interests and skills. PiAf may engage you in a series of continued conversations, and as PiAf comes to know you and your goals better, your dossier may be put forward for consideration for a specific fellowship. You may be asked to write a statement of intent for an organization and then be interviewed again by a prospective host organization. If the organization agrees with PiAf that you would be a good match for that position, PiAf would extend a fellowship offer to you and you would have 3 days to consider the offer and then respond to PiAf. You must accept or decline the offer within 3 days so that PiAf can keep its placement process rolling as quickly as possible for both candidates and fellowship organizations. Candidates who are interviewed by an organization but not selected by that organization will return to the applicant pool and may be considered for other fellowship posts. Please note: not all candidates are placed with a fellowship organization.

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