Do I have to list any preferences? How seriously will my preferences be taken? Does it help or hinder me to be specific or vague in this section of the application?

In the online application, you will be asked which fellowship organizations you are open to working with. You will also be asked to rank your top four choices of fellowship organizations. The responses you provide in this section allow the application review panel insight into your interests in the posts Princeton in Africa offers. In commenting on your preferences, it is highly recommended that you review the Fellows Reports Database as well as the outline of expected 2018-19 sectors and roles. Please note that any preferences indicated are not set in stone. (For example, you would not be “locked in” to a public health fellowship simply because you indicated an interest in health on your application form; PiAf would consider you for other opportunities if appropriate.) As a reminder, applicants apply to the Princeton in Africa fellowship program and not to a specific fellowship post.

Ultimately, PiAf uses preferences as a starting point for continued conversations with candidates. We ask that you be honest while completing this section of the application form and also keep in mind that a certain degree of flexibility may enhance the likelihood of your placement. We work hard to find the best match for both the Fellows and fellowship organizations.

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