Are graduate students or those who completed their undergraduate education some time ago eligible to apply? If so, are they at a disadvantage in the selection process?

Yes, graduate students may also apply as long as they are also recent graduates of colleges or universities accredited in the United States. Completing a graduate program and/or working for a few years does not make an applicant ineligible or less desirable for our program. Our fellowship organizations play a major role in the decision-making process when it comes time to select Fellows. An applicant who has worked or studied in a certain field for a couple of years and wants more experience on the ground may be just what certain organizations are looking for!

Please note, however, that our fellowship positions are entry-level placements and we don’t want Fellows to find the work they do during their fellowships unstimulating or unchallenging. In the end, our placement process is about fitting the right candidate with the right organization so we don’t have a 100% hard and fast rule about how much experience a Fellow should have.

In a nutshell, our fellowship organizations are seeking mature, energetic, resilient applicants who are serious about their commitment to the PiAf program and to adding value to the work of these organizations.


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